Brampton and the surrounding area has been slammed with crazy snow storms and arctic-like wind chills lately, but the end is in sight.

The area had a major snowstorm this week with a whopping 25 cm snowfall falling. On top of that, temperatures have been feeling like -40.

But finally, mother nature is sending a much-needed reprieve in the form of relatively seasonal temperatures, and after days of extreme cold weather alerts, it’s a huge relief.

Its supposed to remain cold Friday, but things are looking up Saturday with temperatures expected to rise to 0 and feel like -3, which is balmy after the unbearable cold snap. That’s practically a 40-degree weather change.

Sunday it’s expected to be rainy and 3 degrees so expect a whole lot of slush and wet snow banks. Going into next week, it’s supposed to be 8 degrees Celcius on Monday, which is practically flip flops weather in Southern Ontario and way more comfortable than recent temperatures.