After a massive uproar over changes Metrolinx made to the Kitchener GO line in early January, the company is making some changes.

On January 7 GO Transit introduced changes to the Kitchener GO schedule, and while it was touted as a 20 per cent increase in service by Minister of Transportation Jeff Yurek, it actually resulted in more crowded trains, less frequency and inaccessibility. All in all, it meant worse service for Brampton commuters, and they weren’t happy about it.

The biggest sore spot for local commuters was the removal of the 4:50 p.m. express train from Union Station which offers Brampton riders a shorter commute back home in the evenings.

People took to social media to complain, and Mayor Patrick Brown and other city councillors started actively tweeting Metrolinx, the Minister and GO Transit to demand the express train be reinstated.

Metrolinx has finally conceded and will reinstate the 4:50 train and is making some other minor schedule changes starting February 13. Minister Yurek tweeted out the changes on Monday morning, but noticeably absent from his tweet are the Mayor and local NDP MPPs who were vocal about how the changes were affecting Brampton.

Yurek’s Press Secretary found himself in hot water earlier this month after one of his tweets implied that they were unsympathetic to how the changes were affecting Brampton commuters and weren’t taking residents’ requests seriously.

“We listen to our customers very carefully and as the Minister has requested from us and as our customers are telling us the 4:50 pm express service to Kitchener is a crucial service. We are very pleased to announce that we will be reimplementing that,” said a Metrolinx spokesperson.

“I want to apologize to our customers for their stress on January 7 and 8 as we reintroduced the new service, we are going to make better preparations this time around.”