There are many grocery stores to choose from in Brampton, and picking the one with affordable prices, quality products, and good customer service can be tricky. Here’s our list of the best and worst grocery stores in Brampton, according to customer ratings on Google.

The Best

Longo’s Brampton locations get high marks for its cleanliness, fresh produce, high-quality items, and excellent customer service. Both Longo’s locations offer a bakery and a hot foods section which many customers are quick to praise.

There are three Fortinos locations in Brampton, all of which are popular with shoppers for an ample selection of products, including many items made fresh in the store. People also appreciate the positive customer experience they have while shopping at Fortinos.

Shoppers have a lot of good things to say about the staff and managers at Foodland as well as the positive atmosphere of the store. Customers like Foodland’s fresh meats and produce, cleanliness, and the fact that it is open late.

All four Sobeys locations are highly recommended by their customers, who are happy to always find everything they need. Shoppers also like the friendly staff, clean environment, fresh produce, and affordable prices.

Om India Food Centre
The customers at Om India Food Centre give kudos to the store’s good selection of Indian spices and unique vegetables and fruits. In addition, the economical prices keep shoppers coming back for more.

The Worst

No Frills
Several shoppers at No Frills are disappointed by what they see as a dirty, disorganized store as well as a lack of available items and poor quality produce.

Food Basics
Although there are four Brampton locations of Food Basics, many shoppers do not like going there. Reviewers bemoan a lack of quality with both food and customer service.

Ample Food Market
This independent grocery store has received customer complaints about their unhelpful staff members as well as for selling rotten or expired products.

Both of Ocean’s Brampton locations have less than desirable reviews. Customers have complaints about customer service, cleanliness of the stores and availability of parking — both stores are notoriously located in busy plazas that are often over-crowded on weekends.

Seasons, while cheap, has gotten a bad rep. Customers say it because of the smell of the store — they sell a lot of seafood — as well as the poor customer service.