Trying to find a parking spot at Bramalea City Centre can be a headache, especially during holidays and on weekends. But we’re about to make your quest for a great spot a whole lot easier. Not all parking lots at the mall are created equally; some are busier than others and some have better direct access to the mall. Here’s a list of the best and worst places to park at Bramalea City Centre.


Underground parking by Hudson’s Bay

Access this lot through the road in between The Bay and FreshCo or beside August 8 restaurant. It’s great in the winter because your car will stay snow-free and you can leave your jacket in the car. There are a ton of spots, so you’ll almost never find it completely full, and for the most part, it’s usually pretty low-key down there.

Parking deck by GoodLife

If it’s ever raining or snowing, this is a great spot to park, though it won’t protect you from the cold. There are tons of spots on multiple levels, so you’re likely to always find somewhere to park. It also takes you past one of BCC’s food courts, because who doesn’t need a snack before they go shopping?

Outside Saks Off Fifth

This part of the mall has a nice sprawling parking lot, and ever since Target closed its a lot less busy. It also provides easy access to the main part of the mall, so it’s a great parking option.

Beside Best Buy

Parking directly outside Best Buy is usually crazy, but just to the left of the store, there’s a little parking lot that’s perfect for Christmas time, Boxing Day and Black Friday when the mall is completely packed. People are always looking for spots close to the door so this little lot often doesn’t see a lot of action, which makes it a sure bet for finding a spot during busy seasons.


Shoppers Drug Mart Entrance

This parking lot is sectioned off awkwardly so its a little annoying to navigate. On top of that, its right beside two stores — Shoppers Drug Mart and Dollarama — that people tend to frequent for quick purchases, so it’s almost always busy.

Outside Forever 21

This parking lot is beside the mall’s main entrance and it’s also beside the main restaurants attached to the mall so it’s often busy. On top of that, it just doesn’t have that many parking spots so you’ll be hard-pressed to find one, let alone one that’s close to the door.

Outside GoodLife

This parking lot is not only busy with shoppers, but it’s also packed with gym members coming and going. It’s also near Scotiabank, Moxie’s, and the section of stores at Dixie and Queen, so it has a lot of traffic in general.

Outside Metro

If you aren’t at the mall to grocery shop, this parking lot can be more than a little annoying. Trying to navigate around abandoned shopping carts left in spaces, paired with fact that you have to navigate up the ramp and its annoying speed bumps, makes this a less than ideal place to park.

Where do you park when you go to Bramalea City Centre? Let us know in the comments below.