Walmart, the largest retail corporation chain in North America, has made a possibly permanent name for itself over the years. With five locations here in Brampton, each one has its fair share of highs and lows. Here are the best and worst Walmarts in Brampton ranked using public customer reviews.


Walmart Brampton North Supercentre – 50 Quarry Edge Drive

This location is well-regarded by most customers for its friendly staff, being clean and well organized, as well as lots of variety when it comes to produce and merchandise.

Walmart Brampton West Supercentre – 9455 Mississauga Road

This location also has friendly staff, is well-organized and clean, especially the washrooms. The only downside that most customers have a problem with is customer service.I


Walmart Brampton South Supercentre – 15 Resolution Drive

This place is marked as a mixed location as customers have said that it’s a good place for a quick grocery run. However, shelves are hardly stocked at times, people say the washrooms are dirty and that the customer service is terrible. But some say staff have been friendly, which is why this one has more of a mixed reputation.

Walmart Brampton East Supercentre – 30 Coventry Road

This location has received a lot of complaints from customers as of late. Most of the unhappiness is directed at staff, stating that cashiers are rude and the customer service is awful. Lots of complaints say that most cash registers are not in operation.

Walmart Brampton North East Supercentre – 5085 Mayfield Road

Another location with complaints directed at rude and unprofessional workers. There were also complaints about there being very little staff in the early morning hours resulting in long lineups at the cashiers.