Bubble tea offerings in Brampton have surged over the last few years. Interesting flavour combinations and concoctions of this Taiwanese drink have popped up all over the city. Here’s the best bubble tea in Brampton.

Kin Kin Bakery and Bubble Tea

Kin Kin is as authentic as they come and for a long time this Shoppers World spot was one of the only bubble tea spots in Brampton. This shop’s bubble tea comes in three sizes, small ($3), medium ($4) and large ($5) and in a bunch of tropical flavors. You can add boba (tapioca pearls) and jelly to any of the drinks on their menu or create your own drink.

Bean and Pearl

Located in the northwest end of the city, this little combination bubble tea/coffee shop sports a casual minimalist vibe. Brampton doesn’t have too many independent cafes, and the fact that this one serves up bubble tea along with espresso and lattes is a bonus. The Cookies and Cream ($7) is a nice way to satiate a sweet tooth, but it–surprisingly–isn’t overly sweet. They have a bunch of other flavours, and a points card, which you’ll want because you’ll most definitely be back.

Trish Juice

Trish Juice is located in downtown Brampton and you’ll enjoy the comfy vibe, and with the overflowing baskets of fruit, it always smells divine. Trish serves up freshly-squeezed juice, smoothies (and delicious smoothie bowls too), espresso and bubble tea. Their cardamon bubble ($6) tea is light, refreshing and always a good option. They also have a bunch of fruity flavours on the menu, with boba of course.

Real Fruit

The line outside Real Fruit inside Bramalea City Centre is always insane. That’s a pretty good indication of the quality of the bubble tea. The Chocolate Bubble tea ($6), a rich, sweet drink which is always a crowd fave. The Honey Tea ($5) is nice and light for those seeking something more subtle. If you can snag a spot on one of their comfy couches, count yourself lucky.


This is another Bramalea City Centre shop. Presotea is a bubble tea chain with locations across the GTA and it has the largest menu with over 106 drinks and a massive amount of potential toppings. They take their tea pretty seriously and brew it all using an espresso-type machine to retain as much flavour as possible. Aside from boba, you can also add probiotic yakult, panda pearls (white and black), basil seeds, aloe vera, red bean and jelly to your drink. Choices, so many choices!

Did we miss any good bubble tea spots in Brampton? Let us know in the comments below.