The Best Karaoke Spots in Brampton

Whether you can sing in tune or hold a note, karaoke always makes for a fun night out, especially when there’s a drink or two to give you some liquid courage. From current jams to old school hits, you’ll be belting all night long. Here are the best sports for karaoke in Brampton.

1. Keltic Rock Pub and Restaurant 

Shepherd’s pie meets mac ‘n cheese and poutine at this Irish Pub. Enjoy the environment with TVs and pool tables. Come out and be a star with karaoke at 10 p.m. every Saturday.

2. Oscar’s Roadhouse 

Enjoy a rustic setting while waiting for your turn to take the stage. Oscar’s karaoke library has over 30,000 songs, so you’re sure to find your favourite hits. Karaoke kicks off every Sunday at 9 p.m.

3. Magnum’s Bar and Eatery

Best known for their cheap and delicious wings, this spacious spot with a great vibe is also known for their karaoke every Thursday night.

4. Onyxx Sports Bar 

A unique environment with a stadium-like atmosphere to perform all of those high notes every Sunday. They serve a bunch of different types of food, from Jerk chicken to Louisiana style okra.

5. Keenan’s Irish Pub

From an Irish breakfast to deep-fried cheesecake, enjoy a modern spin on an Irish pub — plus karaoke of course.

Did we miss any good Karaoke spots in Brampton? Let us know in the comments.