While you were enjoying your Labour Day weekend, important things were happening in Canadian politics. Jerry Bance, a Conservative candidate running in Scarborough was caught on camera peeing in a coffee mug. Bance is seen urinating in a customer’s mug and pouring it into their sink in an episode of CBC’s Marktplace. Originally filmed in 2012, the footage resurfaced late Saturday night. The result? A giant string of sassy tweets, memes and puns galore that have surfaced across the internet using #Peegate. We’ve rounded up the best for your viewing pleasure.

The shenanigans began with the typical urination puns

This guy was on a roll!

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 4.10.55 PM

Tom Mulcair got in on the actionqpyc4qpyf5

Bob Rae too!

A few new phrases and definitions were even created. O’ Canada?


Once the puns began, the memes followed suit



Angry old Conservative guy even came out to play

Coffee anyone?


Some pretty solid advice


Vines were even created


“Bance” became a verb

And Bance’s mug even got it’s own Twitter

Some people were sympathetic to the CPC and their current struggles….okay not really!

It was only a little, right?

Some are wondering how they didn’t see this coming

The announcement that Bance would no longer be running only encouraged more shenanigans

One thing’s for sure, their vetting practices will surely change now

PM Harper has not yet commented on the recent events, but one thing’s for sure….

#Peegate FTW.

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