I’m pretty sure ice cream and sangria are two of the greatest things in life… But, this article is about sangria so let’s get started. When I first started drinking wine I thought, “hey, this stuff is pretty alright.” But, when I discovered sangria the world stopped and it felt like what I was drinking was poured straight from the heavens above into my glass. Too dramatic? Not if you’ve ever enjoyed a tall pitcher on a hot summer day.

Anyways, sangria is the best. So, I went looking all over the city for the best liquid gold I could find. Tough job I know… this is what I found!

Carve on Lot 5

I have to commend Carve because when it first opened, I went there with a friend for Sangria and there was none on the menu yet. BUT, Carve whipped some up on the spot and it was very delicious. It’s now on the menu and it’s just as good!

Location: 15 Main St. North

J Red & Co.

This place is so cool inside. Its rustic urban feel is only made better by the food and drinks served. J Red & Co. has a pretty funky drink menu. Sip on sangria and end your night off with a hot Nutella wood fired pizza (commence angels singing).

Location: 341 Main St. North

Jack Astors Bar and Grill 

Jack Astors is always a good time! I’m sure you already know that though, seeing as half the city is usually there on any given night. Everything at Jack Astors is just great, including its sangria, you have the choice of white/ red – simple but flavourful.

154 West Dr.

Fanzorelli’s Restaurant & Wine Bar

On top of Fanzorell’s killer wine list and amazing Italian cuisine, Fanzorelli’s also sells sangria. Its summer Sunday special is half priced litres of sangria. Just keep in mind the hours because on Monday – Thursdays, and Sunday it closes at 9 p.m.

Location: 50 Queen St. West

Vesuvio Ristorante

Vesuvio’s is back open and ready for business. I’m pretty sure a piece of my heart died when this spot had to close last year due to flooding. But, now it’s open and ready to serve you refreshing sangria (try the handmade pasta too)!

Location: 91 George St. South

Aria Bistro & Lounge

This classy restaurant is really one of a kind in Brampton. From the unique and historic building to the elegant decor, to the fantastic food… it is no wonder the sangria is amazing.

Location: 485 Main St. North

Canelli’s Italian Eatery 

On Saturdays, you can get pitchers of sangria, margaritas, mojitos or daiquiris for $13.99. If anyone needs to find me on a Saturday night you know where I’ll be.

Location: 252 Queen St. East

Shoeless Joe’s Sports Bar & Grill

Shoeless Joe’s has an insane drink menu which includes four different types of sangria. My personal favourite is the white berry sangria, something about strawberries in a drink just makes me happy. On top of Joe’s four sangrias, you’ll find alcoholic punches and more deliciousness.

Location: 50 Biscayne Crescent

There are so many tasty sangrias in the city. Did we miss your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!