Adventurers rejoice. After over three years of being closed, one of Ontario’s most spectacular geological attractions finally opening to the public again.

The Cheltenham Badlands closed back in June 2015 after the popular site started suffering deterioration from human activity. The worry was that the soft, red clay hills would erode further.

To preserve the area, which attracted people in droves, the site was closed down.

The Ontario Heritage Trust, Region Of Peel and other local organizations have monitored the site over the past three years for changes.

They worked over the past three years to retrofit the site to allow for visitors while also maintaining important conservation efforts.

The Badlands area now has a boardwalk and viewing platform and new trails which allow visitors to enjoy the splendour without traipsing all over the site and causing damage.

There is also¬†a parking lot now, so visitors won’t have to vie for one of the spots along the road. It’s expected to improve traffic in the area and make visiting much easier.

The re-opening has been highly anticipated and it’s finally happening after some construction delays. As of Saturday, September 22 you’ll be able to enjoy the badlands again.