The Essential Guide to Ethnic Grocery Stores in Brampton

Grocery stories in Brampton are an excellent manifestation of the city’s diversity. Whether you find yourself looking for spice blends, back home snack foods and other imported delicacies, there’s plenty of options to suit everyone’s needs.


The city has a few options in this category, all of which seem to be well stocked with everything from hair care products to produce and meat. African Market is a great place to start. Other options include Folak African Foods, Royal Food Market and African Foods.


You’ll find no shortage of Indian grocery stores and markets in Brampton. With 7 shops located across Brampton, Asian Food Centre is one of the more popular South Asian markets in the city. They’ll even deliver their spice blends, produce, sweets and samosas to your door.  Chalo FreshCo is another great chain option. On the independently owned side there’s Om India Food Centre and India Bazaar.


La Favorita is currently the city’s only Latin market, and they’re holding down the fort well. The little shop on Queen Street West carries canned goods, breads, snacks and drinks from various countries across Latin America. It also doubles as a small cafe with coffee, pastries and other snacks available, including empanadas, which are a rarity in Brampton.


A lot of Portuguese bakeries in the city double as little food markets with authentic portuguese snack foods, fresh pastries and breads. Ardglen Bakery, Nova, Traditional Bakery and Lisboa Bakery are all great options.

West Indian

ASA Meat and West Indian Grocery is your local go-to for Caribbean grocery needs and their stellar customer service has a lot to do with this. It’s the go-to for West Indian cooking products, sweets, breads and fresh meat — including halal meat. Nicey’s Food Mart & Takeout on Kennedy Road and Ravi’s West Indian Grocery on Bovaird are a couple of other reliable options as well.

East Asian

This one’s a given. Oceans Fresh Food Market is the popular go-to for many Bramptonians, but this may be a downside depending on how you look at it. Brampton’s two locations are always crazy busy. Seasons Foodmart and Asian Cash and Carry tend to be a little bit more low-key.

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