The Bramptonist team is eating around Brampton on the daily; we’ve gotta make sure those food reviews are on point for our readers! Every month we round up ten of our favourites so you can take yourself on your own culinary adventures across the city. Here’s the February edition.

Golden Stool’s Jollof Rice

Golden Stool serves up a mean plate of Jollof. This West African dish is a stew mixed with rice, chili peppers and any number of spices and varieties of meat. Golden Stool’s take on the dish has Ghanaian influence. It packs a ton of flavour and spicy kick. (21 Nelson St W., Unit 5 — Reopens February 8th)

Bean & Pearl’s Cookies & Cream Bubble Tea

This little cafe in the southwest corner of the city has been growing in popularity since it popped up in late 2017. Bean & Pearl’s bubble tea is a huge draw, and you can’t really go wrong with it. If you’re in the mood for something sweet, but just lightly so, give the Cookies and Cream shake a try. (10625 Creditview Rd., Unit C1)

Food Fight BBQ’s Malibu Vegan Burger

For a place dedicated to smoked meats, Food Fight has a standout vegan burger. Its brisket and pulled pork hold their own, but the Malibu burger is noteworthy not only because it’s damn good, but because vegan options are scarce in Brampton. A 100% vegan patty is served with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and onion on top of a brioche bun. If you want to make it not so vegan, you can also add bacon and cheese. (100 Maritime Ontario Blvd.)

Kwality Sweets’ Fish Tikka

Kwality is well-loved in the community for its extensive menu. One of the highlights is the fish tikka. The fish is marinated and flavoured with traditional Indian spices and left to cook in a tandoori oven. It’s tender and perfectly spiced. Kwality serves its fish tikka with a green coriander chutney that adds a whole other dimension to the dish. It’s a great starter if you’re sharing, or substantial enough as a full meal. (2150 Steeles Ave E.)

La Gran Uruguaya’s Empanadas

La Gran Uruguaya is Brampton’s only dedicated Latin-American bakery and not surprisingly, its empanadas are divine. They’re served up stuffed with chicken or beef. Both come in a soft pastry with a crispy edge, and the bakery makes them fresh every day. (5 Ardglen Dr.)

Thai Pepper’s Tom Yum Soup

Lots of restaurants serve Thai-inspired dishes in Brampton, but very little compares to Thai Pepper’s authentic flavours. Their Tom Yum soup is spicy, and for those who can handle the heat, it’s a refreshing, light start to a meal. (2 Fisherman Dr., Unit 41)

Analakshmi’s Chili Idly

This South Indian restaurant serves up what is arguably one of the most flavourful vegetarian dishes in the city. Idly, which is a steamed rice and lentil cake, is covered and stir-fried in a chili sauce. It’s flavourful and the texture of the idly mimics chicken surprisingly well. (10086 Hurontario St., Unit 3)

King Tandoori’s Reshmi Chicken Kabab

We admit the ambiance at King Tandoori leaves lots to be desired, but its spectacular food is what draws in the crowds. The menu is full of delicious gems, but you absolutely can’t go wrong with the Reshmi kabab. The chicken breast is marinated in garlic, ginger and other spices (they can’t give away all of their secrets) and broiled over charcoal in a tandoori clay oven. The chicken is moist and the spices work together to create a delicious mashup of flavours. (270 Rutherford Rd. S. and 107 Kennedy Rd. S.)

Vishnu’s Doubles

There are a handful of restaurants in Brampton that serve up good doubles. Our fave right now are Vishnu’s doubles, which are a served open-faced and topped with cucumber. Add the house pepper sauce if you can handle the heat. (10215 Kennedy Rd. N.)

Delizia Bakery’s Cannoli

This charming little Italian bakery in Heart Lake whips up all sorts of pastries. You’ll be hard-pressed to choose just one thing, so you may only want to go here on cheat day. But if you’re into exercising self-restraint around delicious baked goods, we highly recommend the cannoli. (27 Ruth Ave.)

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