This year, the Region of Peel will be working with Peel municipalities, police, Ontario Provincial Police, and victim service organizations on creating an awareness campaign regarding the growing issue of domestic violence.

In 2019, Peel Regional Police report that 13 out of its 31 homicide cases were the result of domestic violence. There were also 1,388 crisis calls received by Interim Place Peel. This year so far there have already been 2 cases of women who have died because of the result of their domestic partner.

With this new campaign, the Region of Peel also want to teach bystanders how they can prevent incidents if they witness domestic violence in the act.

The CEO of Catholic Family Services of Peel Dufferin, Sharon Mayne Devine, addressed Peel Regional Council earlier this month. She stated that community organizations in Peel, Mississauga and Brampton must collaborate to make sure women and children experiencing abuse are aware of the resources at their disposal.

“I’m looking at all of you as leaders of your community to help us get the word out that there are services that are available to them,” says Sharon Mayne Devine, CEO of Catholic Family Services of Peel Dufferin. “We want to transfer this problem to being shared by everyone in the community.”

Brampton City Council unanimously passed a motion in January to work with Peel, PRP and victim service providers to make the campaign.

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