You can now star gaze without having to worry about cloud cover — and unseasonably cold temperatures for that matter — because the Royal Ontario Museum’s travelling planetarium is now in Brampton.

A couple of weeks ago Brampton Library announced the planetarium would be coming to a couple of library branches in the city over a two-week period.

Tha planetarium is a huge inflatable dome with a projected night sky inside. Viewers get to see not only the starscape as it is now, but also in various stages throughout the seasons of the year. It can also show constellations from Greek mythology.

The planetarium arrived on April 15 to South Fletcher’s Library branch and will be there until the 21st. It will then move on to Gore Meadows Library Branch on April 22 and will stay there until the 28th.

Anyone can participate free. 30-minute exploration sessions are available on a first-come, first-served basis and entry is issued day-of at the front desk of the participating library branch.