On Friday, Apr 17, 2020, The City of Brampton announced that because of extended facility closures and cancellations in response to COVID-19 it has made the decision to temporarily suspend the employment of about 2,000 part-time, temporary/casual, and seasonal staff members in non-essential and non-critical services. The suspensions are effective on April 18, 2020.

The city stresses that this is a temporary measure and that it hopes that the employees can return to work as soon as possible.

Mayor Patrick Brown says, “these are undoubtedly some of the most challenging times the city has seen, which has led to tough but necessary decisions.” He added, “Our focus remains a sustainable response that lessens the long-term, negative impacts of this pandemic while allowing us to help protect the safety of our community and deliver essential and critical services residents rely on.”

David Barrick, the Chief Administrative Officer of the city says, “…this difficult decision is a direct result of closures and cancellations in response to COVID-19 and does not reflect the contributions of impacted employees who remain a valued part of our team.”

The announcement also said that the city is committed to making sure the impacted employees get the support they need and that most will be eligible for the Government of Canada’s benefit programs.

The announcement reassures Bramptonians that they will continue to get services that are deemed critical and essential, such as Fire and Emergency Services, By-Law Enforcement, Transit, Animal Services, Works Operation and Maintenance, Parks and Forestry Operations, Security Services, Site Plan Applications, Building Permits/Inspections, Official Plan Amendments (OPAs) and Rezoning Planning Applications, 311 and Administrative/Technical functions.

For current updates on what’s happening in The City of Brampton, visit brampton.ca/COVID19.

Feature Image: Jeff Hitchcock, moviemaps.org