The businesses of the Downtown Brampton BIA invite the public to join them in a Holiday Shop Week this week: Monday, December 2, to Friday, December 8.

As you continue (or start) your Christmas shopping, you may want to take advantage of these deals, all in the heart of downtown.

A1 Fitness Studio

  • A1 Fitness is having 10% off everything in their store!
  • Visit A1 Fitness Studio at 47B Queen Street East.

Baci Gifts & M. Michael Photography

  • Baci Gifts and M. Michael Photography is having 20% off their jewellery and clothing.
  • Visit Baci Gifts and M. Michael Photography at 37 Queen Street West.

Brampton Academy of Martial Arts

  • Brampton Academy of Martial Arts is having a free uniform package when you sign up one of their classes.
  • Visit Brampton Academy of Martial Arts at 41 Main Street North.

Brampton Denture Clinic & Wellness Centre

  • Brampton Denture Clinic & Wellness Centre is having deals on Thai massages, crystals, and whitening toothpaste.
  • Visit Brampton Denture Clinic & Wellness Centre at 13 Queen Street East.


  • DasBrezelHaus, which has all kinds of soft pretzels, coffee, and other treats, is having 15% off purchases, and you can also enter into a drawing to win a giant gingerbread cookie!
  • Visit Brampton DasBrezelHaus at B-25 Main Street North (in McArter Lane).

Dolcezza Custom Cakes

  • Dolcezza Cakes has free tastings all week, and you can pre-book to get 15% off holiday cakes/cupcakes.
  • Visit Brampton Dolcezza Cakes at 71 Main Street North.

Dragon World Card Games & Collectibles

  • Dragon World, which opened earlier this year, is having discounts off its wrapping when you purchase dice, board games, Magic the Gathering, plushies and miniatures.
  • Visit Dragon World at 30 Main Street North.

Dress People

  • Dress People is having 20% off all accessories.
  • Visit Dress People at 27 Main Street North.

International Furs

  • International Furs is having 15% off its items.
  • Visit International Furs at 42 Main Street North.

Lumbini Wellness Spa

  • Lumbini Wellness Spa is having select sales including discounts when you purchases some of their packages and gift certificates.
  • Visit Lumbini Wellness Spa at 122 Main Street North.

Perpetual Bazaar

  • Perpetual Bazaar is giving gifts for purchases of $25 and over, and will have a silent auction on vintage dolls.
  • Visit Perpetual Bazaar at 111 Main Street North.

ReStyle Beauty Boutique

  • ReStyle Boutique is having beauty promotions, including $10 gift cards, on some of their services: lashlift and tint, microblading and spray tan.
  • Visit ReStyle Boutique at 59 Main Street North.

Segovia Coffee

  • Segovia Coffee is having 15% off their coffee grinders, brewers, mugs and other merch: sweaters, t-shirts and art prints.
  • Visit Segovia Cofffee at 46 Main Street North.

Stephan’s Furs

  • Stephan’s Furs is having a customer appreciation week, giving gifts with purchases all week long, and a huge 50% off all clothing.
  • Visit Stephan’s Furs at 57 Main Street North.

Superior Shea Butter Blends

  • Superior Shea Butter Blends is giving away gift bags valued at $10, $20, and $50 all week long with purchases.
  • Visit Superior Shea Butter Blends at 27 Queen Street East.

The Scented L’air

  • Scented L’air has select promotions on each day of the week or 50% off scented oil for diffusers.
  • Visit the Scented L’air at 29 Queen Street East.

The Wee Smoke Shop

  • The Wee Smoke Shop is having a surprise gift giveaway with purchases.
  • The Wee Smoke Shop at 63 Main Street North.

For more information, including details on deals and sale schedules, visit Downtown Brampton BIA.

Feature Image: Catalfamo Studio