September is the month for art and music in Brampton and there are a ton of events happening in the city. Digital art, music, and tech are coming together for an event that Brampton’s never quite seen before. META Brampton is an arts and music festival kicking off its inaugural event in Brampton this weekend.

The event is happening on Saturday, September 22 at the Den at Sheridan College’s Davis Campus. It kicks off at 7:30 p.m. and will have art exhibits, live music performances, DJs, a virtual reality popup and more.

“META Brampton is a celebration of art and the advancements moving it forward. People are surrounded by new technology that is pushing the limits and allowing artists to express themselves in ways we never seen or heard before. This has resulted in a digital world where individuals are constantly connected and always seeking what’s ‘new’ with experiences playing a huge role in that,” says event curator Nav Nanwa.

The event is structured to showcase digital art in its various forms. Headlining the event will be Electronic fusion group KLoX. The group includes Gurpreet Chana, also known as “the Tabla Guy” and Classical Violinist Robert Mason. They combine electronic dance music with classic instruments and computer engineered sounds to create unique rhythms and beats.

The lineup of artists also includes local powerhouse Haviah Mighty performing a special DJ set, Sikh Knowledge, Diana Reyes, also known as FlyLadiDi, and others.

As part of META, event partner Beaux Arts Brampton will bring a digital art and photography exhibit featuring local artists. As part of the event, local photographers were also able to submit their work for a photo contest and voting is still open to decide who submitted the best snap.

The new virtual reality arcade that just opened in Brampton — Ctrl V — will also be on-site doing a popup offering demos of the virtual reality games on offer in its arcade.

The event is free, hit up their website for more details.