This month the City of Brampton has started a new program called This Is Brampton: Live Online, as part of #TheRoseAtHome. This Is Brampton: Live Online is proud to showcase and support local artists.

Each week the Rose Theatre will give local artists a platform to present their work, receive compensation for their work, and connect with a wider audience while showcasing their talents for everyone to see.

Catch weekly concerts and performances from artists, duos, and small groups on Facebook Live or Instagram Live. So far this month, artists that have performed include such artists as Carmen Spada, Valdii, Romeyo Wilson, Dave Jones, and Maya Killtron.

This week on Thursday, April 23 you can catch Mattie Leon at 7:30 p.m. on Facebook Live. The Rose’s Facebook page is here and Instagram page is here. Keep an eye on them for shows and further announcements.

Artists who are interested in taking part in This Is Brampton: Live Online can also get info about applying for a performance spot here. (link opens as a PDF)

You can watch the recent Maya Killtron performance below.

Feature Image: Randy Landicho