If you’ve hit up the local store in search of some road salt recently, only to leave empty-handed, it’s not your imagination. There’s a full-fledged salt shortage going around.

The two winter storms that came through the area in the past two weeks have put salt in high demand, so store shelves in Brampton and the rest of the GTA are sitting empty.

The storm that hit the area last week was a double threat, bringing snow followed by ice, which sent demand even higher.

Since the storm, Bramptonians have been able to find small quantities of salt at the Lowe’s on Kennedy Road South and a few small convenience stores. Most stores, including Walmart, Canadian Tire and Home Depot are sold out.

Some people are capitalizing on the shortage — Kijiji has listings for bags of salt with significant markups, some as high as 300%.

Despite the shortage for consumers, the City of Brampton appears to still have a decent amount of salt, so roads and sidewalks will continue to be salted as needed.

If you have salt and you’re looking to conserve it, experts say you can go easy — Canadians are chronic over-salters. Experts recommend shovelling first, then laying down a thin layer of salt to add traction, no need to completely cover your driveway and walkways.