These Are the Top 5 Yoga Studios in Brampton

There are many benefits that come from practicing yoga such as improving one’s mental well-being, relaxing one’s mind, and relieving chronic stress. If you live in Brampton and are interested in practicing getting your yoga on, here are the five best yoga studios in Brampton

Modo Yoga Centre – 205-50 Peel Centre Drive

Modo Yoga Centre, formerly Moksha Yoga, offers several different types of yoga classes such as Modo, Yin, Restorative, Yang Yin, Pilates and much more. Prices range from 50 dollars a month for intro classes and memberships from 99 to 160 dollars.

Hot Yoga Wellness Studio – 2 Automatic Road, Unit 120

Hot Yoga Wellness Studio is a place ready to provide the best experience to its visitors. There are classes that teach hot yoga, hot core fusion, hot yoga Pilates, and hot yoga fusion. Along with classes, massages and nutritional consultation are also offered. They also provide three separate price packages: intro month for beginners for 40 dollars, 3-month unlimited for 330 dollars, and 20 classes for 240 dollars.

Kaulika Yoga & Pilates – 57 Mill Street North Unit 301

Kaulika Yoga & Pilates provides classes for both beginners and experienced yoginis and yogis. With classes such as fundamentals, heated power yoga, Pilates, and gentle restorative yoga, you can get the best yoga experience here. They also provide unlimited passes from 140 dollars a month (with a $40 introductory month) and memberships ranging from 59 to 110 dollars a month.

Clear Intentions Yoga – 74 Neville Crescent

Clear Intentions is a home yoga studio that has classes for flow yoga, gentle yoga, and restorative yoga. Prices range from 18 dollars for 1.25 hr and 23 dollars for 1.5 hr. Private classes are 45 dollars an hour or 225 dollars for 5 private classes.

Yoga4U – 13 Bonavista Drive

Yoga4U has classes fro both yoga and reiki, which is a form of alternative medicine that uses energy healing and claims to help clear emotional blocks, physical pain, and increase clarity. Fees for yoga are 15 dollars for drop-in classes and monthly passes range from 40 dollars to 90 dollars. Reiki sessions range from 40 to 60 dollars for 30 to 60 minute sessions.

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