Brampton and the surrounding area has been hit by arctic-like wind chill and lots of snow, but it isn’t without its benefits. The GTHA has tons of gorgeous places to explore and enjoy winter scenery and one of the best ways to take in winter in all its splendour is at Hamilton’s various waterfalls that freeze over during the winter.

These majestic beauties are great in the summer, and in the winter they take on a completely otherworldly feel. It might be a bit more of a strenuous hike in the snow but it’s well worth it for what you’ll find at the end.

Webster’s Falls is a popular spot in the summer months and in the winter it basically turns into an epic ice cave. The surrounding trees and shrubbery are gorgeous too when they’re covered in a fresh dusting of snow

Devil’s Punchbowl is another popular spot in the summer that completely transforms in the winter. Its dripping ice formations make for a great picture.

Tiffany Falls is a bit more hidden and tucked away in Ancaster but it’s so worth the hike to get to. Its tall, cascading flow of water turns into a gorgeous ice formation in the winter. Ice climbing is also available.

Sherman Falls is another worth visiting. It’s tucked away under the tree canopy and its ice formations aren’t as intricate as the others but it’s still a must-see.

All of these scenic frozen falls are located along the Niagara escarpment in the Hamilton area and within an hours’ drive from Brampton.