There are plenty of ways to save, and one of those is being strategic about when to splurge and when to go to discount stores. Brampton has a ton of Dollarama locations and plenty of other decent dollar stores, so here are 10 items you should definitely buy there, instead of regular stores.

Seasonal Decor

From Halloween decorations and Christmas ornaments to wreaths, Dollarama is always well-stocked with seasonal items for every occasion. Don’t bother wasting your money on expensive items you’ll only use for a limited time throughout the year.

Pro tip: Save on decor, but splurge on twinkle lights elsewhere, dollar store lights don’t have the best safety reputation.

Greeting Cards

Skip the $5 cards from other stores and check out the wide range of greeting cards at Dollaramara for a bunch of different occasions.

Party Supplies

Similar to seasonal decor, you can save a bunch of money by shopping at Dollarama. You can find everything from streamers and party hats to themed party plates and goodie bags without breaking the bank.


You’ll find popular treats at the dollar store for way cheaper than at grocery stores. It’s a great place to stock up for a party or Halloween.

Gift Bags & Wrapping Paper

This is one place you don’t need to splurge. You can get gift bags, boxes, wrapping paper, ribbon and the whole shebang at dollar stores for way cheaper than other places.

Office & School Supplies

Dollarama has a pretty good selection of pens, pencils, highlighters, binders, notebooks and everything you’d need at the office or the kids need at school for way cheaper than regular stores.

Home Decor

If you’re looking to snazz up your home on a budget Dollarama and other dollar stores have frames, vases, canvased quotes and even curtains and throw pillow covers. You’ll find all sorts of things to make your home look pretty.


You’ll find everything from spatulas and whisks to plates and mason jars. It’s a total lifesaver for anyone looking to fill their arsenal of kitchen tools without the department store prices.


Dollarama is the perfect place for snagging brand-name toiletries like shampoo, deodorant, and toothpaste on the cheap, especially those miniature versions for travelling.

Storage Containers

There’s almost a full aisle dedicated to storage at Dollarama. You’ll find buckets and bins, food containers — the plastic and glass kinds — jars, bowls, canisters and more.