If I need to dig up a photo from way back in the day, I just need to find the family album, flip through to the right page and voila, there it is. Then in floods all the memories and feelings tied to that picture; unique only to me and based on my recollection of the event.

Social media has tried to recreate a similar photo album experience and for the most part, they’ve nailed it. Although, sometimes they fall short and the nostalgia factor is lost when I’m stuck scrolling through all the pictures I’ve amassed over the years.

But look out, a small team is trying to get a leg up on the photo sharing experience with their event file sharing service called, Chapsule. Simply put, Chapsule is a digital time capsule for events and currently exists in web-browser form. By setting up a Chapsule, you have dedicated a space to share memories from an event  — birthday parties, concerts, weddings — through pictures, videos, and even audio files. And that’s it! This tutorial doesn’t get any more detailed than that and that’s the point. The main purpose of this service is to provide a platform to collectively upload memories and then look back on them at a later time. It also allows you to easily share those memories with others in a seamless, easy fashion.


When an account holder creates a Chapsule, a 4 digit code is generated which you then distribute to your group. This code will give access to your Chapsule so that others may share their memories, generally as pictures and videos, into the digital time capsule.

The idea and development of Chapsule can be credited to Radi Huq, Kashav Madan, Darren Tu, and Riyaz Shaikh. All 4 of them are North Park Secondary School graduates and are currently pursuing degrees in their own fields. However what began as a routine class project, has blossomed into a small business endeavour that is gaining speed and recognition.

The need for such a web service came about when Radi and his team realized that event file sharing could be easier; and that it should be easier. And with that notion, they went to work. Simplicity, and ease of access was their prime concern and they didn’t want to lose sight of that by adding other convoluted features.

They deliver on this promise by allowing people to share their memories into the Chapsule without creating an account. They felt that forcing anyone to create an account could lead to discord which would derail them from contributing to the Chapsule. Just by plugging in your name and code, you’re set to leave your mark in the Chapsule.


But it doesn’t end there for this creative bunch. Their next step to is to turn Chapsule into an app and bring their service to phones and tablets around. Now at present, there is no immediate launch date for their app but Radi has informed me that they are in development. But in the meanwhile their site is up and running, free of charge; so the next time you’re having a get together, set up a Chapsule and within 3 clicks, you and your friends can store away precious memories into this digital cache for future you to look back on.