Green Bites Dumplings & Tea Bar opened up in Brampton earlier this year and so far the restaurant has been a huge hit. That’s due in large part to its delicious handmade dumplings.

While Chinese food is plentiful in Brampton, this is the only restaurant in the city that serves up authentic fare with great ambiance. It’s chic and contemporary, yet comfortable. The walls and shelves are lined with artifacts and items collected on the family’s travels across China.

Green Bites makes its dumplings in-house and to order. The recipe was passed down through generations, and the chef and members of the team trained extensively in China to learn proper technique.

Green Bites dumplings come in five different varieties — chicken, which is stuffed with napa cabbage, onion and ginger; pork, which is stuffed with Chinese chives; beef, which is stuffed with carrot; a shrimp and pork dumpling, which is stuffed with napa cabbage; and a vegetable dumpling stuffed with carrot, napa cabbage, and mushrooms.

All varieties are served with six pieces and can be enjoyed steamed or fried, and it all comes with the house-made Dragon Sauce on the side. Green Bites can also whip up batches in a colourful steamed vegetable wrap instead of the traditional white wrap. You can enjoy your dumplings with green wraps, purple wraps, orange wraps, and more. All of them are coloured using vegetables, and not artificial food colouring.

Because of the delicacy of the dumpling skin, you’ll want to chow down on your dumplings within ten minutes of getting your order for the best taste and consistency.

It should be noted that all the dumplings are very juicy, so you’ll want to be careful when you bite into them so you don’t squirt innocent passersby, or yourself for that matter, especially if you’re headed back to work after a lunch break.

The price of the dumplings varies depending on what filling you get and the way you’re eating it (steamed, fried or vegetable wrapped), but it won’t make a huge dent in your bank account, because prices cap out at $9.25.

Service at the restaurant is usually fairly quick, you can be in and out with delicious dumplings in less than 30 minutes, making it the perfect spot for lunch or dinner.

Green Bites Dumpling & Tea Bar is located at 35 Resolution Drive, Unit 10 inside the Wal Mart plaza.