Brampton, Caledon, and Mississauga have some of the best farms and markets when it comes to locally grown food.

Thanks to a brand new guide from the Region of Peel, you can now find which farms and markets have the best homegrown produce, whether it be fruits, vegetables, meats, honey, maple syrup, baked goods and many more.

To use the guide you can tweak some drop-downs that let you choose the specific item, such as asparagus or leeks. The next one lets you pick a general category like vegetables or eggs. Finally, you can pick how far away the farm or market is.

The categories the guide covers are:

  • vegetables
  • fruit
  • meats
  • eggs
  • baked goods
  • cider
  • wines/hard cider
  • nursery stock

To see the complete Grown in Peel guide and location listings and products, visit the guide here.