November 23, 2022

(Photo: Keziaa Music)

By Woodrow Kolomvos, Contributing Writer

“This Is Brampton: THE PLAYBACK” is returning to the Rose Theatre Brampton for a live show featuring some of GTA’s most exciting R&B, Rap, and Soul inspired musicians.

This month, experience a night of music and talent in downtown as a stage is opened up for various emerging artists to perform intimate sessions, that will celebrate the sounds of the city. Curated by off the record, a Canadian-based creative platform that provides opportunities for artists locally and internationally, THE PLAYBACK brings to the floor three local musicians, KEZIAA MUSIC, Gustavo Guaapo, and Fame Holiday, to share their passion and spirit.

R&B artist, KEZIAA MUSIC, is a young performer born and raised in Brampton. With a love for music since the age of 8, Keziaa launched her career in 2018. Developing her own style and vocal abilities, she incorporates hip hop, R&B, Soul, and Afroswing into her music. Currently working on an EP, her singles are popular on Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube and Apple Music.

Hip Hop artist, Gustavo Guaapo, is a Mississauga based rapper who grew up in Malton, Ontario, before later moving to Brampton with his family for high school. While he poured most of his focus into basketball to keep out of trouble, he would lose the opportunities presented by his interest in the sport after being kicked out of a Kentucky prep school he attended. After returning to Canada, he refused to remain stagnant, instead turning his attention and energy to music. Breaking into the music scene in 2018, he quickly became known for his raw, powerful sound with mainstream appeal. Working tirelessly, his music has been featured in the popular video game NBA2K21, the New Generation Soundtrack, Northern Bars, New Weekly Music, and the infamous media outlet 6ixBuzz’s YouTube channel. 

His debut EP titled “Playas Karma”, was released in 2020, and  is inspired by his desire to reach success at all costs. With his music he hopes to transport listeners to “an alternative reality where even their wildest desires are within reach”. He is frequently involved with charitable organizations such as the Sai Dham Food Bank, and Epilepsy Toronto. Determined to leave his mark on the world, Guaapo is considered a diamond in the rough in the Canadian Rap underground.

Artist Gustavo Guaapo

Mississauga-based rapper, Fame Holiday, has been rapping since he was 6-years-old. With an undeniably talent, he turned his passion for music into a career with the release of his debut full-length album, “Above it All”, in 2017. Years later, Fame Holiday has steadily built his discography, incorporating the sounds of R&B and Hip Hop into his music. During the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, he worked tirelessly on his new album, “Showtime”. An album dedicated to breaking out of the GTA and into the international music scene, Fame shows off his unique ability for collaboration and creativity with his music. An avid supporter of Black Lives Matter, one of his goals is to use his platform to spread awareness about the struggles of his community and give back to the neighbourhood he grew up in.

Artist Fame Holiday

With a diverse and moving line-up of musicians, THE PLAYBACK is a true celebration of music in the city that should not be missed. “This Is Brampton: THE PLAYBACK” is happening on November 25th 8PM at the Rose Theatre Brampton. For more information visit the events page.