How much does it cost to live in Brampton? How does the cost of living in Brampton stack up against nearby cities or cities of comparable size?

The most recent census indicates that the majority of households consist of four or five residents. Furthermore, most two-parent households in Brampton have two children, so we based our estimates on this number.

According to our calculations, the monthly cost for a sample family living in Brampton is roughly $6084 for a four-person household. How do these numbers break down? We used Numbeo as our baseline. Bramptonist recognizes that many families will come in lower than these numbers, and some will be higher, but these provide a basis for comparing similar setups in other Canadian cities.

In terms of food and groceries, we estimate that couples with two children would try to eat at home more often than going out, therefore spending about $240 on restaurants and $1292 on groceries.

Since Brampton is a car-dependent city, the cost of two car payments and gasoline runs about $1,435 per month, with public transit costing around $120 per month. Brampton also has some of the highest insurance rates in Ontario, with an average $200 per month, to a yearly total of $2,392.

Rent is another factor that drives up the cost of living in Brampton. Mortgage payment averages (not counting taxes and insurance) are about $1780 per month, and rent on a three-bedroom apartment in Brampton averages to about $1,550 according to Numbeo. Utilities add between $65 and $280 to that number.

Childcare costs in Brampton are higher than in other parts of Canada, with an average of a whopping $1,302 per month for infants, but in our overall figures we took an average of after school care and full daycare, for a total of $650 per month

The cost of always being plugged in via cell phones ($214) and the internet ($40 – $120) costs Canadians between $254 and $334 per month. A household with two gym memberships spends about $314 per month, and $88 on clothing for all four family members.

Going out for lunch couple of times a month adds $67 to monthly expenditures, while other household goods and amenities cost $375 per month on average.

How does Brampton compare to other cities? Using similar parameters, we crunched the following numbers.

Mississauga: $6,259
Toronto: $7,270*
Quebec City: $4,878**
Hamilton: $5,763***

*Toronto has a more robust transit system with the TTC, so an increased cost of public transport was taken into consideration.

**Quebec City’s population of 531,902 is comparable to Brampton’s 593,698, but their car insurance is considerably less, at $60 per month. Their childcare is also subsidized, resulting in a monthly cost of about $152.

***According to a recent CBC report, Hamilton has the eighth most expensive childcare rates in Canada, with an average of $1,194 per month for infants.