If you’re looking to take your G road test sometime in the foreseeable future, it’s always good to go in as prepared as possible. Knowing the possible routes will give you much-needed insight, and hopefully ease any anxiety you may have.

The reality is that Brampton’s DriveTest centre, which serves Mississauga too, has one of the highest fail rates in Ontario so it certainly isn’t the easiest place to take your driving test. In fact, for the G2, only 47 per cent of people pass at the Brampton test centre, which is a good 30 to 40 per cent less than some of the best test centres across the province.

Travelling to neighbouring cities like Orangeville and Burlington has also long been a practice for drivers looking to ace their tests — both cities have significantly lower fail rates than Brampton.

Driving school instructors often help their students prepare by taking them to practice in the area surrounding test centres so they can familiarize themselves with the environment and get used to the route.

If you want to get your practice in here’s the full Brampton DriveTest centre’s G test route. (Note: route may vary slightly depending on your instructor.)

  1. From parking lot, turn left onto First Gulf Blvd
  2. Turn right at Steeles Ave E. (There is no yield sign here so proceed without stopping if there are no pedestrians attempting to cross. You will lose points for stopping)
  3. Enter Highway 410 North (The entry lane to the highway is continuous and does not end)
  4. Exit highway, making a left at Clarke Blvd (This road only has a 50 km/h speed limit; however, you will not see the speed limit signs posted)
  5. Turn right entering Highway 410 South
  6. Exit highway, making a right at Steeles Ave W.
  7. Turn right onto Kennedy Rd S.
  8. Turn left onto Tullamore Rd, which is marked by a pedestrian crossing
  9. Turn left onto Bartley Bull Pkwy
  10. Turn left onto Orchard Dr
  11. Turn left onto Steeles Ave. W
  12. Turn right onto First Gulf Blvd
  13. Turn right into the DriveTest Centre parking lot

Correction: This was originally published as the G2 route, but that was incorrect and has been updated to reflect that it’s a possible route for the G test.