It’s not a secret that car insurance is basically the bane of everyone’s existence that lives in Brampton and owns a car. The city has the highest premiums in Canada, and in fact, the whole GTA has some of the highest premiums in the country.

But how do rates stack up across Ontario when you compare postal codes?, an insurance rate comparison tool, has designed a snazzy map so all of us in Brampton can simultaneously shake our fists at people living in postal codes with lower premiums.

The map has colour coded all postal codes across the province: green is for places that have relatively cheap rates, red is for places for with the highest rates.

Naturally, Brampton is the deepest shade of rade, and it perfectly represents the fire in our souls for having to pay such inflated rates. There are a few postal codes in Brampton with cheaper rates than the others, so if you’re considering moving somewhere else in the city, you may want to consider a place with cheaper insurance rates for savings over time.

If you’re thinking about moving out of Brampton altogether and want to live in a place where you don’t have to worry about your premiums, this map is especially useful, though, if you’re looking for significantly cheaper rates you’ll have to pick up and move somewhere north of Caledon.

At the very least, you can use Kanetix to compare rates and maybe find cheaper rates outside of your current provider. Check it out here.