If you’re looking to shop locally for handcrafted items and you want to give back to the community, look no further than local non-profit shop Perpetual Bazaar.

Perpetual Bazaar has been in Brampton for decades. It was established in 1974 by a women’s church group to sell handcrafted items like quilts, slippers, hats, scarves and more.

Now the shop is an eclectic mix of handcrafted items made by seniors and those with disabilities. The shop still sells handmade quilts, slippers, scarves and the like. But they’ve expanded their product range to include jewelry, wall art, handmade soaps, and other household items.

All the items in the store are handmade by over 200 seniors living in the community. The seniors knit, sew, crochet and craft everything in the store, and all the proceeds go directly back to each of the crafters when their items are sold.

Not only is the store packed with thousands of handmade items that make the perfect gifts for any occasion, but you’re also giving back to the community by purchasing their items.

The store is run entirely by volunteers — also seniors, and people with disabilities. The average age of Perpetual Bazaar’s volunteers is 80.

Perpetual Bazaar is located at 111 Main Street North in downtown Brampton and is open every day from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.