The 10 Best Thrift and Vintage Stores in Brampton

We have searched high and low for the idyllic places in Brampton for that Saturday morning vintage or thrift hunt. Grow your wardrobe on a budget or find your next furniture project with this roundup of the best thrift and vintage stores in the city.

1. Restyle Consignment | 59 Main St N

Restyle Consignment, a newer shop on the scene, has loads of brand-name clothing, shoes, purses and home decor. We spotted a bunch of Lucky Brand jeans, Danier leather jackets and a ton of other brand names. They also have a selection of beautifully finished rustic furniture like end tables, headboards and more. The prices here aren’t the cheapest but if you’re looking for more of an upscale place to vintage hunt, with a quality selection of items, this is the place to go.

2. Plato’s Closet Brampton | 30 Kennedy Rd S.

Not exactly a thrift store, but more of a thrifty store. At Plato’s you can buy and sell stylish men and women’s clothing. It’s kind of like a consignment shop, except they’ll sort through your clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories and give you a price for your items within 20 minutes. It’s a great shopping experience too. The store is curated so it’s basically like having someone else go out and scout all of the best vintage finds for you and putting it all in one place. In their racks you’ll find gently worn items, some still with tags, from brands like Armani, Guess, Lulu Lemon, Calvin Klein and more.

3. International Furs | 42 Main St N.

As the name indicates, they do sell furs and specialize in cold storage, but this little shop is so much more that. They recently downsized from a bigger storefront a few doors down from their current location and the new place is cute and cozy. Aside from the obvious fur selection, they have a ton of ladies clothing and accessories, including an absolutely gorgeous selection of ladies kimonos. You’ll be in kimono heaven!

4. Encore Thrift Store | 9446 McLaughlin Rd. N.

This little well-kept gem on McLaughlin Rd carries everything from furniture to gently used clothing. Customers love it for the clean store and the fantastic customer service. The have name brand items on occasion, including Michael Kors watches and some other pretty nice jewellery. They also have lots of furniture, including vintage lamps, vases, couches tables and the like. It’s also a great spot for snagging your next Pinterest project. They post many of their new items on their Facebook page.

5. Talize | 547 Steeles Avenue East #4

Talize is the cream of the crop when it comes to chain thrift stores. The giant location in Brampton is mostly filled with clothes–lots of stylish options too–and a small knick knack section. You’ll also find some really cute shoes and Halloween costumes here.

6. Perpetual Bazaar | 111 Main St N

This isn’t actually a thrift store–it’s an artisan store. It’s filled with items that are all handmade by experienced, skilled senior citizens (awww, you have to buy something now). If you’re going to a baby shower and want to bring something unique they have tons of knitted baby clothes. Additionally, they sell really comfy slippers and some interesting jewelry. We also spotted some jam near the back!

7. Stephan’s Fur | 57 Main St N

This quaint little shop gets most of its merchandise from wholesalers. They have lots of leather jackets, some fur pieces and some really funky jewelry. This is the perfect place to snag a stylish new bag for an awesome price, they always carry authentic Guess purses and Coach ones on occasion too. But they best part? They’re almost always on sale. Keep your eye out for their huge semi-annual sale where the whole store is 80% off, including said stylish designer handbags. It usually happens in June and November.

8. Treasure Hunt | 1250 Steeles Ave East

It isn’t exactly a thrift store, but you’re in for a hunt with some great rewards! Treasure Hunt is kind of like Winners, but with way cheaper prices. Their stock comes from open box and overstock items from big box stores like Wal-Mart, Target, Home Outfitters and others. You’ll find some great brand name items including clothing, bedding, bathroom accessories, small appliances, kitchen items, rugs, end tables, and tons more. They usually have great sales, sometimes up to 90% off the whole store. We managed to snag some great throw pillows usually sold at Target for $19.99 for the fabulous price of $4 a piece.

9. Value Village | 2975 Bovaird Drive E.

Of the two Value Village locations in Brampton, this one is by far the best. It’s generally clean and the selection is pretty decent too. The selection of clothing here is pretty wide, as with all VV stores. The furniture selection is a little bit more extensive than most stores and a step up in quality.

10. Mission Thrift Store | 24 Nelson St E, Brampton

Bibles for Missions is a thrift store that mainly sells accessories for your home. They have lots of sheets, lamps, small appliances, tables, chairs and full glassware sets and even real china. It’s a great place to find furniture you may be looking to refurbish or turn into your next Pinterest project.

Did we miss a good place to vintage or thrift hunt? Let us know in the comments below.