Following a disappointing 0.6 per cent drop in year-over-year sales in the first quarter of 2019, Tim Hortons will be changing its Roll up the Rim program. After 33 years, Tim Hortons’ parent company Restaurant Brands International has decided to reboot the contest in order to help boost sales.

“We still believe the 33-year old Roll Up the Rim program is a valuable and iconic platform for Tims. It has very high awareness,” says Jose Cil, Chief Executive of Restuarant Brands International. Cil went on to say that the contest needs “a fresh and modern approach to engage our guests in a stronger way moving forward”.

Just last year, Tim Hortons expanded the contest to include more prizes in order to attract more customers. Despite this, the company saw a dip in the sales for early 2019.

Tim Hortons has yet to comment on what specific changes there will be in the new Roll up the Rim to Win campaign but so far have promised they will re-work it in a such a way as to appeal to Tim Hortons customers a lot more.