The best fast food joints in Brampton surpass the typical burgers and fries at McDonald’s, bringing a whole bunch of other delicious flavours to the table. This list proves that you don’t need to compromise taste for speed, because for just a few bucks and a few minutes’ wait you could be munching on some delicious stuff. Here are 10 fast food restaurants in Brampton you definitely want to check out.


Sonny’s charcoal burgers, onion rings, and milkshakes are a Brampton tradition. It’s one of the few fast food joints in the city open well into the wee hours and it’s been around for many a post-bar hop snack session.

Little Shop

Probably one of the best lunch spots in the city, and well-loved by area business people in the downtown core, Little Shop’s fresh salads, soups, and grilled cheese sandwiches bring people in droves. You’ll be able to grab and go quickly, but make no mistake about the quality of their food: the salads, soups, sandwiches and even the bread, is made fresh daily.

Mackay Pizza

This spot is well-loved for its deliciously massive thin crust, New York-style pizza slices, as well as its stuffed Jamaican patties with lettuce and mayo. Enjoy both of these without breaking the bank. Seriously: it won’t even cost you $5.

J. Red Express

This resto recently took over the top of Nom Nom’s Yogurt Bar in downtown Brampton. You can grab a healthy bite here from their massive salad bar. Or if you’re all about the flavour and less about the healthy, check out their pizza cones, mac and cheese bites and other snack foods.

Shawarma Corner

Delicious, fast and good bang for your buck. Don’t expect friendly, upbeat service here, but do expect delicious shawarma.

Burrito Boyz

A Brampton favourite, Burrito Boyz brings people in droves. The sheer amount of options — from chicken and steak to haddock and sweet potato — ensures there’s something just about everyone can enjoy.

Five Guys

This burger joint has been popping up in plazas all over Brampton in recent years. Their burgers run on the expensive side, but you get what you pay for. At Five Guys you’re getting a burger with fresh ground beef that hasn’t been sitting in a freezer. Beware of the fries: they always give a giant helping and they’re addictive.

Nahla’s Cuisine

This Middle Eastern restaurant on Brampton’s northeast end has some of the freshest shawarma and falafel you’ll ever have. Everything is made fresh daily, and they incorporate their own family recipes and sauces. Nahla’s also serves up a mean baklava.

Dare To Be Fresh Poutine

Recognizable for the giant green smiley face adorning the building, Dare to Be Fresh is easy to spot coming down Main Street, and it serves up some of the best poutine in the city. Its selections range from tried and true classic poutine to a Mexican-inspired concoction, and even one with duck.

Trish Juice

This smoothie joint in downtown Brampton is a one-stop shop for healthy and quick eats. Its menu has smoothies, freshly squeezed juice, smoothie bowls, salads, wraps and more.

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