As the season begins to change, so does our Instagram feed. From our #beachbum summer days, we slowly gear up into our chunky infinity scarves, bust out the knee high boots and start our October hashtags for the new season!

Here’s a look at the top 6 must-have October themed photos for your Instagram!


On your walk to the bus stop, you can’t help but stop mid-text step on those crunchy leaves, pose your feet as you ignore anyone staring at you, and with no shame, take a #feetselfie! After all, how else is anyone going to know you have new boots, right?!

Location: Gage Park, 45 Main St. N.


The quintessential Pumpkin Spice Latte is how you know autumn has begun. Even the people who love to hate it can’t deny how delicious it is! You haven’t really had a PSL until it’s in your Instagram feed, so get out there. Every Starbucks barista across the country is at the ready to give you your PSL fix!

Location: Starbucks, 1 Steeles Ave. E.


What’s the month of Halloween without a pumpkin or two? Or a whole patch! Downey’s is the IT spot to be if you’re looking for a pumpkin to pose with or to decorate the house.

Location: Downey’s Pumpkin Patch, North of Brampton 13682 Heart Lake Road.


With the leaves turning into every girl’s personal shade of lipstick, it’s only natural to pick one up and snap a pic before letting the wind carry it away. It’s the perfect time of year to capture the maple leaf in all of its colourful glory.

Location: Gage Park, 45 Main St. N.


Out with the shorts and flip-flops and in with the chunky sweater, infinity scarf, high-boot wearing days! This ensemble is the quintessence of fall. It’s also a great reminder down the road when you’re trapped in the torturous depths of a Canadian winter that the weather didn’t always dictate your wardrobe.

Location: Shopper’s World, 499 Main St. S.

#PSL (Pumpkin Spice Life)

Since the Pumpkin Spice Latte trend began, it started the wave of Pumpkin Spice things alike; from muffins to cheesecakes, it’s a life that we have come to embrace wholeheartedly; the “Pumpkin Spice Life!’

Location: Coffee Culture, 9 Queen St. E.

What are your autumn musts? Tag us @thebramptonist and let us see where in Brampton you get your fabulous photos so we can show you some insta-love!