Hey foodies, time to get your food on!


With pandemic restrictions, it’s time to get adventurous with your take-out. It’s good to try new foods and now more than ever support your local food industry. Time to open up your Uber Eats app, Skip the Dishes, or if you’re older than forty, you will probably call the restaurant to place your order. Here are the top restaurants in Brampton to try take-out from during Covid-19 restrictions.

RD’s Southern Barbeque

RD’s Southern Barbequeis serving up Cajun-style BBQ fare and soul food. Featuring classic smoked barbeque such as brisket, ribs, and pulled pork sandwich. You can also indulge in traditional New Orleans dishes like deep-fried okra, gumbo, and what they are most well know for, Catfish Po Boy. Even their classic poutine is loaded up with traditional cheese curds, gravy, and tons of barbeque.

Sur Irmaos Smokehouse

“Sur Irmaos” means “Southern Brothers” in Portuguese – founded by two brothers in 2012. Sul Irmaos offers a blend of Portuguese food and barbeque. They specialize in po’boy sandwiches and smoked dishes, making a unique take on Portuguese comfort food. They are famous for their Portuguese chicken and appearing on the Food Network show You’ve Gotta Eat Here.

Vishnu’s Roti

Known for their Caribbean-style food, Vishnu’s Roti Shop combines homemade dishes with authentic Trinidadian flavours. They are most well known for their doubles, which are made of two round pieces of dough fried, filled with curried channa, and served with a spicy curry sauce for dipping. 

Toshi Japanese Restaurant

This is the place to dine if you’re looking for truly authentic Japanese cuisine. The Japanese-owned restaurant is genuinely one of Brampton’s one-of-a-kind eatery, known for its vast selection and sushi and homestyle teriyaki and curry portions. Now is the perfect time to take full advantage of their take-out.

Green Bites, Dumplin & Tea Bar

Green Bites is a family-owned business. They take pride in creating meals with the freshest of ingredients and offer dishes perfect for take-out. Their menu features signature handmade dumplings from chicken, shrimp, and vegetarian. Their tea leaves are imported from China and feature Chrysanthemum herbal, Jasmine herbal, and Iron Buddha Oolong. Their main course meals range from Kung Pao Chicken, Curry Chicken, Thai Style Sweet & Sour Fish, Mongolian Beef to tofu and veggies, and can be served with wonton soup and cheesecake for dessert.