Toronto looking to introduce toll roads into the city

Hang on to your hats Brampton, your daily commute — if you’re into the whole driving thing — may get a little more expensive in the near future.

To make up their budget shortfalls, Toronto City Council is looking at adding tolls to the Gardiner Expressway and the Don Valley Parkway, effectively making suburban commuters pay for entry to the city.

Talk of toll roads isn’t a new one; 416 taxpayers currently pay the brunt of maintenance on the two roads and some feel it isn’t fair.

It isn’t clear yet how much the tolls will be. It could be anything from a nominal fee, to a distanced based system similar to the 407.

A number of issues have been raised, including increased traffic and gridlock on non-toll roads leading into Toronto and the challenging task of funding infrastructure projects otherwise.

It isn’t all bad though. If implemented, it could mean a faster drive for Brampton commuters and others coming from the suburbs who are willing to pay for it.

It will no doubt affect most people, and not just commuters. Anyone looking to enjoy a Jays game, catch a show or enjoy Toronto dining will also be subject to tolls.

Toronto City Council has tasked staff with studying toll roads and coming back with a report to gauge the feasibility of the project.

Will toll roads affect your commute? Let us know what you think!