Meek Mill finally released his much-anticipated DC4 late October and, after a series of brutal Ls, the response has been in his favour.

One of the tracks garnering the most attention is ‘Litty’ featuring Brampton’s Tory Lanez. On the track, the two offer jabs (some harder than others) in the direction of the Toronto superstar, Drake.

Meek raps:

Running ’round like you Superman
Don’t be selfish, get your mom insurance money
‘Cause I’m the one to put it on your money
I’m the one that make it happen it to you

The Superman reference could be a reference to the overwhelming public consensus which deemed Drake the victor of their feud. The W could have gone to Drizzy’s head, making him think he’s impenetrable like Superman. This newly acquired bravado is demonstrated in Drake’s new song ‘2 Birds 1 Stone’ where he goes after Kid Cudi and Pusha T.

Tory Lanez contributes perhaps the most scathing shot, rapping:

[People] talking ’bout my hair-line
I laugh about it, I be feelin’ them
See, we both be making M’s
They be making memes, I be making millions
I just counted up a Quentin Miller
A QM, that’s a quarter milli

This is a reference to the alleged ghostwriter, Quentin Miller, who was credited on last year’s release ‘If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late’. Effectively, Lanez is resurfacing doubts about Drake’s authenticity while simultaneously asserting his own, stating he was just paid a quarter of a million dollars for writing. The meme line could potentially be a reference to the countless memes displayed during Drake’s performance of ‘Back to Back’, his Meek Mill diss track, at the 6th annual OVO Fest.

We’re excited to see where this collective beef is headed. And Tory, don’t worry about your hairline. You’re in good company.

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