Brampton mans have had a rough go, they’re no stranger to getting flack, especially on Twitter. They’re used to getting called out, for (among other things) trying to claim they’re from Toronto and their seemingly relentless pursuit to become rappers.

Recent revelations have come to light that Tristan Thompson, Brampton-raised NBA basketball player with the Cleveland Cavaliers, has been cheating on pregnant girlfriend Khloe Kardashian with multiple women, and it’s put all Brampton mans in the doghouse too.

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The backlash hasn’t only been swift on Thompson, but Brampton mans have been taking just as much heat. If Brampton mans thought they had it bad before, it’s been taken up about a hundred notches since the latest revelations about Thompson’s cheating ways.

It’s all a very sudden turn of event, because, just a few short months ago Tristan was getting praise for elevating the Brampton mans, he was someone the Brampton mans could aspire to be.

But the season of peace didn’t last long. Brampton mans, we’re sorry to be the ones to break it to you, but your bad rep isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and you have Tristan Thompson to thank for that. You can Tweet him here to express your displeasure.

If you’re the victim of a Brampton mans and you’re feeling jaded, there’s one thing you can maybe thank him for though — the beautiful poetry of the talented Brampton poet Rupi Kaur. And if you’re a Brampton mans looking to reform yourself, you may want to give Milk & Honey a read.