The Government of Canada and Brampton North MP Ruby Sahota have invited all Brampton residents to share and offer ideas during the federal budget pre-consultation period.

Since the Liberal party wasn’t able to once again win a majority in last year’s federal election, this will be the first minority mandate budget for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government.

With just 157 seats out of 338 seats in Parliament, the Liberal party will need support from either the Conservative Party, the NDP or Bloc Québécois in order to pass the budget.

“A strong economy starts with a strong middle class and a responsible fiscal plan,” says Ruby Sahota. “For the last four years, investments in people and communities, combined with the hard work of Canadians, have helped create more than a million new jobs — driving continued economic growth and creating more opportunities for people to succeed, and we need your input to continue this growth.”

Sahota goes on to say that her government plans to address the issues of economic growth, strengthening the middle class, environmental protection, climate change, health and public safety, and reconciliation with indigenous peoples.

Residents can share their ideas and input through the government’s budget website at