Hundreds of supporters came out to have chai with Liberal Leader, Justin Trudeau at Dixie Sweets in the riding of Brampton North leading up to the election on Monday.
JT dixie sweets (1)
 Trudeau was joined by Brampton North candidate, Ruby Sahota and her family–a riding previously held by Liberal MP Ruby Dhalla and currently held by Conservative incumbent Parm Gill. Justin and Ruby walked around the restaurant greeting seniors and served tea with sweets ‎to get them ready to move full steam ahead to the polls on Monday.
Numbers are showing a significant lead, and majority government within reach of the Liberals and as a bellwether riding, Brampton will play a crucial role in deciding who comes out on top Oct 19.
Until recently, Brampton’s ridings were viewed as swing areas. But with Trudeau’s numerous visits over the past few months and the clear showing of public support, it seems the Liberals may be able to count of support of a Liberal majority from Brampton voters.
If the Liberals manage to sweep all of Brampton’s ridings that will send Ruby Sahota (Brampton North), Raj Grewal (Brampton East), Kamal Khera (Brampton West), Ramesh Sangha (Brampton Centre), and Sonia Sidhu (Brampton South) to Ottawa to represent the city.
 Ruby Sahota of Brampton North seems to have made the most inroads in this particular riding, bringing together a number of community groups and gaining public support. This is ahead of  Martin Singh (NDP) and incumbent, Parm Gill (Conservative)‎. With the ‘Orange Crush’ dying down, the Liberal wave has risen and so has the support in Brampton. With his visit Trudeau may have officially clinched the swing votes needed to propel the Liberal party into a majority government on Oct 19.
Justin Trudeau Brampton North Dixie Sweets
Trudeau says hello to one of his youngest supporters wearing a Toronto Blue Jays outfit

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