Due to recent crimes in Canada and the U.S. committed by fake rideshare drivers, Uber has released an in-app alert system to help passengers feel safe when riding. There have been recent reports this past weekend and one case from 2017 of women being sexually assaulted by their drivers.

The most recent incident, which involved a 21-year old college student, was what prompted Uber to implement more safety measures. Samantha Josephson, a student at the University of South Carolina, hopped into a car after a night out with friends, mistaking the car for her Uber ride. Josephson was subsequently murdered and the driver charged with kidnapping and murder.

Since then, Uber has worked with the University of South Carolina on new a safety feature called “Check Your Ride”. These features will appear as push notifications on phones and banners in the Uber app prompting riders to double check the make of their driver’s car and the license plate.

Uber has officially notified users of the new 3-step “Check Your Ride” safety process, and they also recommend using the shield icon in the app for even more safety resources and tips.

This isn’t the ridesharing app’s first move to make things safer, last year they released new safety features in Canada. One such feature allows riders to select five contacts in their phone as trusted contacts who they can share their ride and arrival times with at any time. Uber also says they’ve improved their driver screening process, requiring all drivers on the app to go through criminal background checks each year.

Peel Regional Police also suggests additional safety measures to make ridesharing safer including staying alert, verifying the license plate and driver’s name before you get into the car, and also making sure the driver states your name before you proceed with the ride.