UberEATS finally available in Brampton

UberEATS launched months ago in Toronto, but much to the dismay of food loving Bramptonians, it didn’t come to Brampton.

But it’s finally here, and you can have food delivered straight to your door from food joints across the city. The UberEATS app for iOS and Android allows you to browse popular dishes from nearby participating restaurants. The app shows estimated wait times for orders and once it’s placed you can track the progress of your driver on a map.

UberEATS finally avails in #brampton

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Currently there are about 15 restaurants available, some in Brampton and some in North Mississauga. Depending on what part of the city you’re ordering from, you’ll see different options.

Restaurants include Quesada, Tropical Paradise, Quik Chik, RD’s Southern BBQ, Paramount Fine Foods and more.

15 restaurants is a little bit anti-climatic for a service many have waited in unabashed eagerness for, but hopefully more restaurants jump on board so we can all continue to veg on the couch and have our favourite meals delivered straight to us.

Find out more about UberEATS here.