The recent weather in Brampton and the rest of Southern Ontario has been brutal, to say the least. February was a rough month, and March is starting off not much better.

A deep freeze is taking hold of Brampton Sunday, and is expected to last for a few days. On Sunday night temperatures will plummet to -21°C with the wind chill, and it’s going to stay frigid into Thursday.

The icy blast of arctic air will have temperatures hovering around -15 with the wind chill, which is significantly colder than it usually is this time of year according to the Weather Network.

“Arctic air will also dominate our region through the first week of March with temperatures more than 10°C colder than seasonal by the middle of the week,” says Weather Network meteorologist Dr. Doug Gillham.

Gillham says the temperatures are part of a “remarkable coast to coast cold pattern” that’s expected to dominate the first half of March across the country. 

Gillham says things should start looking up around mid-March “with an extended period of much milder weather for the second half of March and into early April.”

Meteorologists are also predicting an earlier than usual start to spring in the region, so it’s only a matter of time before winter releases us from its brutal clutches.