Video: Brampton Dance Company Going Viral After Raptors Half-Time Performance

Brampton dance company Jade’s Hip Hop Academy took over the internet again, this time with their performance at a Raptors OVO half-time show last week.

If you’re friends with anyone from the Caribbean, you know that March is Carnival season. The dancers paid tribute with a smashing soca dance performance to “Like Ah Boss” by Machel Montano.

Multiple videos of the performance are floating around all over the internet and have amassed hundreds of thousands of views.

Montano himself gave the troupe a shout out on Instagram.

The soca action starts at 2:50, check it out.

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This isn’t the first time Jade’s Hip Hop Academy has gone viral. The dance company got major love from Missy Elliot after a choreographed number to her song WTF.

Ellen DeGeneres took notice and invited the dancers on her show back in 2015 to perform. She even shouted out Brampton during the segment.