If the longstanding show Cops is any indication, people like to see the police arresting people, so it’s no surprise that a recent takedown by Peel Police is going viral.

The whole thing has a Mission Impossible feel to it: a heavily armed group of tactical officers scaled a building in the Shoppers World area Wednesday to deal with an individual who had barricaded himself into an apartment.

The incident occurred at the Brampton Towers apartment building located at 430 McMurchy Avenue. Residents were alarmed when over 10 police vehicles swarmed the area Wednesday morning.

In the video four officers scale down from two floors above onto the individual’s balcony, while one runs interference from the apartment beside. There’s a loud bang and smoke just before they enter the balcony area of the individual’s fifth story apartment.

Peel Police says the individual was in distress — in the video you can hear officers attempting to subdue the man. Eventually, they were able to calm him down and talk him out.

Due to the fact that the incident was a mental health crisis, he was not arrested but sent to the hospital for a psychiatric assessment instead. No charges will be laid.

Various videos of different angles of the incident have surfaced on the internet and have amassed hundreds of thousands of views.