If you’ve ever driven without properly cleaning off the roof of your car, let this be a cautionary tale.

One driver didn’t get the memo and ended up attempting to clean off their windshield while driving on the 401, presumably after snow from their roof slid onto the windshield.

The driver was caught on video furiously attempting to clean off their windshield with a snow scraper out of the driver-side window, all while driving down the highway.

The driver attempts to stop a few times to properly clean the windshield but isn’t wholly successful. Sadly, we don’t know how this story ends, the video is over before the driver fully fixes the issue.

“Watch as a driver in Toronto attempts the BIRD BOX CHALLENGE on the 401 highway in Toronto. How do you think they did with 60 KM/hr lane change after full stop?” wrote Gavin Gerbz, the person who posted the video to YouTube.

Consider this your warning to clean your car off before you head out anywhere. Failing to properly clean your windshield can land you an $85 fine under the Highway Traffic Act.