A video has surfaced of a woman in a confrontation with two Tim Horton’s employees in Brampton. The incident happened on Sunday evening in the area of McVean Road and Castlemore Road.

In the video the customer has a Tim Horton’s employee bent over in what appears to be a chokehold, aggressively twisting the employee’s hair.

It was apparently filmed through a drive-thru window so the exchange between the employees and customer can’t be heard, but the customer appears to be very heated.

A second employee attempts to defuse the situation by trying to remove the customer’s hold on his co-worker. The customer can be seen exchanging angry words with him too. Her grip eventually loosens enough for the female employee to walk away, looking visibly shaken.

Peel Police have been notified of the incident and are currently investigating. The video has been submitted as part of the case. Both employees sustained minor injuries in the incident.