A GTA girl at heart, Uppekha Jain has been a popular face on Indian television for the last 6 years.

Prior to her successful Bollywood career, Uppekha was–and continues to be–a spoken word poet. Her work “Rap Against Rape” created a sensation across the world and brought people’s attention to India’s attitude towards rape. It helped put pressure on the government to change the status quo, leading to policy and law reform in the country.

Now Uppekha is back with a new piece that challenges perceptions and attitudes around beauty in a new series with MonstrARTity.

“I want to ripen gracefully, live life fully, love freely, give graciously and stand confidently knowing that my looks don’t define me. Instead, I’m going to embrace the imperfections of the languages and memories that can shine through our skin because real beauty is not exterior, it’s found within.” Watch the full performance below.