Video: Man Rips up Qur’an at Peel School Board Meeting

A Peel District School Board meeting turned into a shouting match between parents who support and condemn a religious accommodation rule that allows Muslim students to pray on Fridays.

Those in favour sat quietly in the board meeting, listening to what people had to say. Whilst those who opposed the decision voiced their anger and aggression about the religion and allowing it in the public school setting.

One of the critics presented a copy of the Qur’an and proceeded to rip it apart, sparking other outbursts in the audience.

One audience member in favour of the accommodation filmed the whole exchange. Now the video is going viral worldwide through AJ+ and other news outlets.

Watch it below.

People were quick to react to the video, both in support of and against it.

The accommodation has been available to students for 15 years in Peel Schools, the controversy only arose last January in a school board meeting. The school board continues to reiterate that accommodations are available to all students of any religion who request it. Muslims aren’t being given preferential treatment.

Yet some suggest that public schools should remain unattached to religion, banning any and all religious accommodations.