The crew from Brampton Says had the pleasure of sitting down with a hip hop heavyweight in the GTA, Noyz. In this in-depth conversation, Noyz details his perspectives on hip hop in the GTA as well as violence and oppression in the US and Punjab, not to mention providing us with a window into his personal life, talking love and marriage.

Noyz is part of a hip hop collective based out of Brampton with his good friend B Magic called Movin’ Cool. Noyz describes the sound:

Hip hop is at its best when it can be both meaningful and fun. The main criticism levied against “conscious” rappers is that the rhymes and the message are there, but the music isn’t enjoyable. On the flip side, “mainstream” rappers get knocked for being perceived as lyrically shallow despite making relatable music you can dance to. The philosophy behind Movin’ Cool is to bring both ends of the spectrum together while at the same time shattering the stereotype carried within each label. Kweli spoke of underground rap fans who got mad that he had fun at clubs. Method Man spoke of the moment of clarity the day after the high wears off. No one can be one thing at all times.

[B Magic] and I are total opposites in terms of personality and were raised in different hemispheres of the planet, but what brings us together as friends and band mates are core characteristics and values that are common and central to who we are as people. Family, loyalty, dedication, hard work. The way that Chuck D and Flava Flav, or GZA and Ol’ Dirty could exist as shades on the same palette, we strive to do the same with Movin’ Cool.



The conversation was both enlightening and a lot of fun. From music to politics to love, Noyz has enough insight and wisdom to provide lessons in each answer he gives. Dope personality. It’s always a pleasure to hear from Noyz.

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